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Ignorance Official

February 14 2021

About the ignorance Platform

The idea and the philosophy to raise such a democratic, user centric and user owned platform leads back to 2008 and became concrete in 2013. Behind the idea of this where two peoples, which met them over years on various exhebitions, but never interconnected deeply. 

The two peoples where:

A world class Photographer & Filmmaker


a geek, product designer and small tech entrepreneur

The first one wrote the philospohy, the second the architectual design and the code

Coming together

In the late 2020, both talked again to each other. The idea of such a platform got outlined, showcased and it seems possible to realize it. On one point both agreed immediately: When not now, never. In the 2020 where the new 1984 became visible for all of us, both where in the opinion, if we talk to friends, communities and vid bloggers, such an hughe effort can be done. Together as an unit.

The philosophy

The aim of the association is to develop and provide a new Internet platform that ensures and promotes basic democratic values, free expression of opinion and their exchange.

So we dediced to make a democrativ association based in switzerland. The association “United Humans of the World” was founded on December 8th, 2020 in Zug under Swiss law.

We claim not only to bring information, art, films, news, intellectual and everyday things together, but also to implement sustainable new concepts. Together as an community. For these peoples who likes to engage. For all others, we offer a decentralized censor ship free platform, but preventing miss-use in terms of law.

The Association

The association has its registered office as a headquarter in Zug, Switzerland

Association UHW


CH 6340 Baar

The Bord of the Association

IT & software specialists, journalists, publicists, doctors, lawyers, teachers and entrepreneurs, who are aware of the importance of a sustainable, democratic and free platform, sit on the board.

The global approach

We start in Europe, and extend our services based on the language interfaces step by step. We already have founded almost in any country of this wonderful planet, associations. And our global network of tech entrepreneurs, secures a slowly but steady growth, both in service, service delivery and community engagement and global but local project funding.

The user & free speech in mind

Ignorance is a platform where the user and his data do not become a product! In the Opposite. He becomes with its signup a democratic member of its own platform. Because Ignorance is made by Humans for Humans.

Support the Association

If you like the concept. You can make onetime or recurring contributions to it. We have more informations available in german and english. Simply write us an email to hello@ignorance{dot}eu

Executive Summary (Deutsch)

Presentation (Deutsch)

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